Gearbox And Gear

Our Motion Control Products
We’re specialized in constructing custom built spare and drop-in replacement gearboxes. Our plant can make them to meet or exceed the capabilities of the customer’s original, and for less than what the OEM would charge.

Our Capabilities
Our manufacturing facility is broad in its capabilities and features high end machinery aimed at providing excellent quality and rapid turnaround. Because of the technology we have available, we’re able to work with you in product development from blueprint to prototype to full cycle production.

Our Competitiveness
At a very competitive price, we can completely reverse engineer an existing drive and build a replacement with interchangeable parts. Alternatively, we can provide an up-to-date design with the same exterior dimensions but higher ratings. Through modern material selection, heat treating and tooth geometry optimization, we can nearly double the capacity of some units. This not only eliminates nagging maintenance problems, but it also extends the service life of your process lines.

Our Quality team works very closely with our engineering and manufacturing teams to achieve precise control and manufacturing limits to meet our customer’s requirements. By involving our quality team very early in the APQP process, customer satisfaction is achieved and maintained at a very high service level.