Reverse Engineering

Whatever the product; where it can be a Mock-up, Clay-model, a cast or a real model, it will be disamble, assemble and measure to produce 3D and 2D plan.

  • CAD model creation of an actually existing product
  • When there are too many changes in the design or the cast that the original CAD model cannot be used
  • When there is no existing CAD data and you only have the product
  • When you wish to restore a product when it is worn out or damaged

Product Design

When designing the product, through the modelling data the design step itself has the same effect as

» making a mock-up. Also, through using the same modelling type, you may design the product as if

» you are creating it.

» 2D/3D design initiation with the reviewed data as standard

» Design considering the mass-production cost of the product (productivity)

» Actual decision of applied technology and parts

Stimulation & Interpretation

Executing a detailed review through a simulation can minimize the design error of the interference check,

» assembly and feasibility and use the 3D data with CNC data to use on a Mock-up to ensure the swiftness

» and preciseness of product manufacturing