Terms & Conditions

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders (PO) made by letter, email or facsimile must state sender’s organization name and address together with fax number if available. When a PO is accepted, Stevens Tech Inc. will confirm the PO stating the specifications of the relevant requirements which are to be fulfilled by the client. Any failure in the fulfillment of the requirements may result in mistakes of the order.


When notification of cancellation of PO made by the participant of the agent in writing of Fax is received by the company:


Bank draft payable to Stevens Tech Inc. Company check is accepted (10 business days required). Wire transfer is accepted

Product Price:

Product price includes products FOB to the ordering parties and shipping and handling cost is additional which is subject to actual charge by the handling parties. Product price is quoted in US dollars and based on tariffs and rates of exchange between US dollars and foreign currencies in effect from time to time. Shipping is via selected express courier services. All prices are subject to change without notice. International air tariff and airport taxes and Customs fees in effect at time of shipping and all foreign airport taxes are not included. All additional expenses including special handling caused by emergent situations such as weather, strikes, wars, civil disturbance, quarantines, alterations in ship, air or railroad services or by any other factor beyond Stevens Tech Inc’s control are the responsibility of the ordering party and will be collected on the spot.

Shipping cost:

Shipping cost is via designated airlines. Shipping costs quoted for the transport are based on current published shipping cost and their respective rules applicable to the products in effect January 2009. All shipping costs rules are subject to change by the airlines. Any shipping cost increase resulted from such changes will be added to the quoted shipping price and be borne by the ordering parties.

Domestic transportation in Foreign Countries:

Air transportation within foreign countries are provided by the domestic carriers. Shipping costs are subject to change and any increase in fare will be added to the shipping price and be borne by the ordering parties.

None-used transportation:

As specified in the product’s specification. Voluntary non-usage of shipping arrangement are non refundable and non exchangeable.